The Demko Bed-System has been developed and used in spine and sport injury clinics. Its positive effects on health have been verified by several clinical tests and medical studies.

The system has won many international awards and has been extensively used as a registered medical device. Our unique bed-system technology has been used in spine hospitals and sport injury clinics for the rehabilitation of recently operated patients with spine and locomotor system diseases. The remedial and preventative qualities of the Demko bed-system go beyond any health benefits of other orthopaedic bed-systems, memory foams or box sprung mattresses. Furthermore, it gives the ultimate comfort for all age ranges.

We spend an average of 6 hours out of 24 in bed, which would amount to 20 years during our lifetime. An astonishing fact and concurrently a yet unexploited potential for the cure and prophylaxis of locomotor diseases. This huge potential has been aimed at and successfully met as proved by solid evidence by the team of designers, doctors and osteopaths.