Accepting your delivery


1. Definitions

“you”    means the person signing overleaf (and if more than one, both or all of you: your obligations being as individuals and together)
“us” and “we”    means Demko-Uk Limited or our courier company Keen and Able Delivery Limited
“the goods”    means the items specified overleaf
“the site”    means the place where the goods are to be fitted (as specified overleaf)
“the fitter”    means the person we contract to fit the goods.

2. Our items require specialist care and handling. Our priority is to ensure your item(s) arrive in a timely, safe and professional manner. You will be contacted once your order is ready to be dispatched and advised of an expected delivery date and time.

Approximate delivery times:

  • Beds: 3-4 weeks / Bedrooms: 4-6 weeks
  • Mattresses: Within London M25: 2-7 days / Other parts of England: 1-2 weeks / Wales, Scotland, ROI and NI: 2-3 weeks
  • Contact us for worldwide delivery times

All dates quoted for delivery are estimated delivery dates only and may be subject to change. Our priority is always to ensure the delivery is handled in a professional and safe manner to a high standard. Once items are accepted we will not be held responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever. Signing for items as “unchecked” is not acceptable. Please be certain your purchase(s) will fit through doorways, upstairs etc to avoid disappointment before you buy. If you are uncertain please contact us by email or call on 00442077003915 so we can assist you. We reserve the right to apply a restocking charge of 50% and 75% for special orders.

3. We agree to supply the goods at the site, unless it is stated otherwise overleaf.

4. We will try to fulfill our obligations under this contract within a reasonable time. However, any completion date we give is a guide only and is based upon information given by you and other information known to us at the time. We cannot be held liable for delay or failure to complete the works caused by events beyond our reasonable control. In those cases we will complete the work as soon as reasonably possible.

5. During a delivery our delivery crew will asses the path to the designated delivery point. If the path is unsafe or if they feel it is possible the product or the customer’s property will be damaged, they will ask the customer to sign a disclaimer removing our liability.

6. Alternatively we will deliver to hallway only if the customer agrees.

7. It is the recipient’s responsibility to protect their home and its contents. Safety footwear can not be removed by the delivery crew to make a delivery, therefore floors should be covered with sheets. Pictures and ornaments etc to the delivery point, should be removed by the customer and crews are not allowed to handle customer’s property.

8. Any loose tiles, boards, slabs, fixtures and fittings will be pointed out to the customer before delivery.

9. It is also important to note that no delivery company can insure a customer’s home. If any damage is alleged it will need to be noted on the POD and claimed through the householder’s insurance who will look to mitigate any costs against our public liability policy should we be judged to be at fault.

10. If we have agreed with you to arrange for the goods to be fitted, the following applies:

You agree:

I. to make sure that the fitter has access to the site at reasonable times (between 8.30am and 6.30pm on weekdays) or otherwise as agreed by you and us.

II. to make sure that any re-routing or installation of plumbing (including water, radiators, drainage, gas, sewage and the like), or electrics, removal of existing furniture and carpets have been carried out to a good workman-like standard prior to the fitting date.

III. to make sure that the fitter can use the mains electricity supply from a standard 13A 240V socket free of charge, and that the supply is installed to the usual standards in force at the time.

IV. that you will not make any material alterations in the rooms to be fitted, and that in particular you have not installed, relocated or removed any fixed items that you have not told us about before we entered into the contract.

V. that you have permission to use any plans or drawings you supply to us.

VI. to provide reasonable access to the room to be fitted (ladder access is not acceptable), to clear the room to provide sufficient working space for the fitter, and co-operate in reducing health and safety risks to an acceptable level. Furthermore:

VII. If you wish to cancel or postpone your fitting date within seven working days of the due date, we will incur costs therefore cancellation or postponement may be subject to a £150 charge.

VIII. You confirm that you have told us of any particular features which you know about the site or its construction which may make the installation more difficult than we might reasonably expect. In particular, you acknowledge that you have checked the walls are sound.

IX. You are advised not to decorate rooms (except the space where front frame furniture is to be installed) prior to installation in order to avoid minor incidental damage caused during installation.

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